Including everyone in our digital future

Including everyone in our digital future

Get involved in our rewarding volunteer program

Get involved in our rewarding volunteer program

Would you like a free computer?

Would you like a free computer?

Considering a career in smartphone repair?

Considering a career in smartphone repair?

  • 65000000 Tons of E-Waste WorldWide
  • 6500000 Tons of E-Waste Recycle
  • 7600000000 Populations WorldWide
  • 350000000 Tons of waste dumped

The Free Geek Unique Story

18 Years Of Experience In E-Waste Solution

Free Geek Montréal's Nonprofit organization and operational model was adapted from the highly successful model of the first Free Geek organization, founded in Portland, Oregon in 2000. It has a 22,000 square ft facility, and an annual budget of over $1,800,000 USD. There are currently nine Free Geek organisations in the United States; Free Geek Montréal is the Thrid Free Geek in Canada followed by Free Geek Toronto and Free Geek Vancouver.

Acknowledged Leader

Acknowledged Leader

Free Geek will be an acknowledged leader and recognized community resource for low/no cost digital access and literacy in the community.

Accessible & Flexible

Accessible & Flexible

We are an accessible organization that leads the industry in its reuse rates of equipment donations and provides flexible education and meaningful volunteer opportunities to our community.

Strong Partnerships

Strong Partnerships

Free Geek has strong partnerships formalized with at least a dozen community, government, non-profit and industry organizations to enhance and enable our mission.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work

We are considered a great place to work that includes a living wage, strong staff development, staff career paths and a culture that supports a diverse community.

Balanced Budget & Revenue

Balanced Budget & Revenue

We have a yearly balanced budget with more than 50% of our revenue coming from outside of earned income sources and a 12 -month operating reserve.


Free Geek Montréal aims to provide the following services to those in the Montréal metro area:

Services We Offer

Free computers in exchange for community service

Free computers in exchange for community service

Want to learn how to build computers, save the environment from toxic e-waste, and transform the lives of people in your community? We have a place for you here at Free Geek Montréal!
Free Geek Montréal volunteers are the driving force behind our mission. As a volunteer, you’ll receive:
A free desktop computer with warranty after 24 hours of service. and more.

How To Get a Free Computer
Are you a student in need of a computer?

Are you a student in need of a computer?

Have you performed 24 hours of volunteer service in the past year in your community? If so, you can earn a computer from Free Geek Montréal!

How To Apply
Education that demystifies technology empowers our community

Education that demystifies technology empowers our community

What can you learn at Free Geek Montréal? All of our classes are open to the public. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. Free Geek Montréal offers a mix of recurring and specialty technology classes. Our topics include: Windows | Linux Computer Basics | Privacy & Security | Programming | Creative Media & Design | Hardware | Cloud

Take A Class
Is your nonprofit in need of technology to help meet your mission?

Is your nonprofit in need of technology to help meet your mission?

Free Geek Montréal’s Hardware Refurbished Technology, Website creation, IT Consultant and Technical Support Grants program connects qualifying nonprofits, government, PME with free and low-cost.

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Free Geek Montréal Store provide you excellent technology & services with great value!

Free Geek Montréal Store provide you excellent technology & services with great value!

Our store sells everything from cables to complete computer systems. Whatever your level of experience, our friendly staff are happy to answer your questions and help you find the solution you need.
You can visit The Free Geek Montréal Store in-person or purchase items online. Best of all, 100 percent of every purchase you make directly supports Free Geek’s mission.

Let Shop at Free Geek Montréal
Level up your job skills with a Free Geek Montréal internship

Level up your job skills with a Free Geek Montréal internship

Free Geek Montréal offers a variety of internships for those who have the time, interest, and motivation to work outside the scope of our main volunteer program. These competitive, challenging, and highly-valued positions play a vital role in Free Geek Montréal’s organizational health and come with added benefits.

How to Apply
Need help transporting your donation?

Need help transporting your donation?

While you’re welcome to bring items directly to our facility for donation, Free Geek Montréal provides a paid pickup service for businesses, nonprofits, and residential customers throughout the Montréal metro area.

Pickup schedule
Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

At Free Geek Montréal, we take care to ensure the safety of your data-containing devices. Our data security promise extends to desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all other data-containing devices.

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Our Values

Why Choose Us?

We believe

responsibly reusing technology and securely handling all data entrusted to us.

We believe

education that demystifies technology and empowers our community.

We believe

in strong relationships with other change organizations to mutually further our missions.

We believe

digital technology should be accessible to everyone at minimal cost.

The Simplest Way To Sustainably Reuse Technology Locally

Free Classified Advertising Services

The Free Geek Montréal Classified Services

The Free Geek Montréal Classified Services is the simplest, most trusted way to buy and sell your e-Waste locally.

Post your free Ad now!

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Some Helpful

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to volunteer time at our Free Geek Montréal facility is welcome. No computer experience is required. Our facility is mostly accessible and we welcome people with different levels of ability. Volunteers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who will work alongside them.
We aren’t able to give these items away through any of our volunteer programs. However, we have these items for sale in the Free Geek Montréal Store.
You can learn how to build computers when you follow the Reuse pathway of the Volunteer Program. All computers built for and given to volunteers have the same technical specifications.
We call our computers FreekBoxen! (The singular is Freekbox.) They are built from used equipment that has been donated to Free Geek Montréal. They run the Linux Mint operating system and are loaded with free and open source software.
The short answer is: it depends on the game. For someone with patience and some degree of computer expertise, there are ways to play certain Windows-specific games on a FreekBox.
To get started, drop by for one of our volunteer orientation tours at appointment; these are held every day that we are open. No appointment is necessary — just show up a few minutes early to check in at the reception desk.' The tour takes 30 minutes and explains how our different programs work. At the end of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for the prerequisite Anatomy of a Computer class or schedule your first volunteer shift.
Absolutely! The Free Geek Geek Store has a wide variety of affordably-priced refurbished computers available for purchase.
Our policy is that a volunteer may earn one FreekBox per year. If you’d like a newer FreekBox, you will need to complete another 24 hours of service after one year.
Our facility is mostly accessible. We are sensitive to issues related to accessibility and will work to accommodate people with different abilities.
While there are some people on staff who speak other languages, they are not always around to translate. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the resources to accommodate non-English and non-french speakers without translators. Volunteers who speak other languages are welcome to bring a translator with them when they volunteer or take a class.
Of course, granted one year has passed since you earned your last one. We only give one computer per year to each volunteer.
Kids can earn a computer from Free Geek Montréal, just like anyone else! If they are under 16, they will need to have an adult with them while they volunteer.
We do not provide printers with our FreekBoxen. If you’re a current volunteer, you can buy a printer from The Free Geek Montréal Store at a 20% discount.
It’s a common misconception that Linux is difficult to use. Many of our volunteers tell us that Linux is very easy to use, and even that they prefer it over other popular operating systems.
When picking up their FreekBox, volunteers can take the ‘Getting Started with Your Free Geek Montréal Computer’ class, to help them set up, personalize, and learn to use their new Linux-based computer. Likewise, we offer 'Intro to Linux Mint' for store shoppers and members of the public (bring your computer). If you have specific questions about using Linux, check out 'Linux Open Questions,' a drop-in Q&A time. Check out our classes for more details.
In addition, Free Geek Mntréal offers one year of free tech support to all volunteers who retain the Linux operating system on their FreekBoxen and complete our Getting Started class.
The good news is that (unaffiliated) Free Geek Montréal organizations are popping up all over the country. (See our list of other Free Geeks around the world.) If there’s no Free Geek in your area, try searching the name of your town and ‘free computer’ on Google.
You can also seek out a Linux Users Group in your area, as many Linux aficionados can help you set up a computer affordably.
We take almost everything electronic with a very short list of items we cannot accept: major household appliances, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, vacuums, microwave ovens, smoke detectors, fluorescent light bulbs, alkaline batteries, copiers, and bottled liquids. We are also not able to recycle large amounts of plastic (like VCR tapes and floppy disks). Please see other recyclers that take items we do not. website is a great resource for finding a recycler in Québec.
Our Tech Support team would be happy to backup the data from hard drives on computers you are donating to Free Geek Montréal. Please visit our Tech Support page for the latest pricing and instructions on how to prepare the computer for back-up.
If you're not in Montréal, Québec, we recommend looking at the AFTRR Map Locator (
If you're Québec, we recommend looking at the
If you're not in Québec, we recommend looking at the using the E-Stewards Find a Recycler tool to find your local e-cycler (
The Free Geek Store sells computers, monitors, printers, networking equipment, stereos, and other A/V equipment. We also stock a variety of computer parts!
Laptop prices vary on their capabilities and features, including size, battery life, memory and speed. Please contact the store and speak to an associate for more information.
The store doesn’t keep a list of inventory. We can’t tell you if we have something on the shelf because it might not be here by the time you make it in.
The stock in the store varies on our donation stream, so we can’t guarantee that we have any certain item. Your best bet is to come in and look for yourself. If you’re coming from far away, we’ll try to find a store staff member to help answer your questions!
See our return policy on The Free Geek Montréal Store page.
Sorry, we don’t perform any trades of equipment or hardware.
You can expect an eligibility decision from a staff member within one month.
The class will teach you how to set up, personalize, and use your computer. After taking the class, you are guaranteed one year of free tech support.
Of course! Email to get flyers in the languages you need. Thanks!
Email us at