Code of​ Conduct

Free Geek Montréal Code of Conduct


We strive to make Free Geek Montréal a welcoming, safe and comfortable space for everyone ​(volunteers, staff, donors, visitors) and appreciate your best efforts to treat all others with respect and understanding.

Thank you for doing your part ​to make this a safe learning space for everyone regardless of their background, experience and abilities.

If you see anyone engaging in any of the below activities, please let a staff member know ​so we can follow up appropriately. 

​​If you are not sure of the best way to find a staff member, please ask for assistance at the front desk.


These are not acceptable ​behaviors at Free Geek Montréal:

➔ Attitudes, judgments, jokes and language that are discriminatory or demeaning on the basis of race, class, gender, sex, age, spoken language, nationality, culture, physical appearance, sexual orientation, or ability/disability
➔ Acts or threats of violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion
➔ Sexual harassment
➔ Theft
➔ Use of drugs or intoxicants that impair your ability to work safely