Volunteer Policies

Thank you for deciding to volunteer at Free Geek Montréal! These policies were created to maintain the safety and well being of Free Geek's mission, staff and volunteers. Read the following policies before completing and signing the Volunteer Application Form. You may have a copy of this document for your reference.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures

• Volunteers must complete & sign-up online the Volunteer Application and go on an orientation tour before volunteering.
• Volunteers must check in at the front desk at the beginning of every shift and log volunteer hours at the front desk
at the end of each shift. Misrepresentation of volunteer hours could result in your dismissal from your volunteer
• Volunteers and guests must check their bags at the front desk. Please leave your valuables at home.
• We count on our Free Geek Montréal volunteers! Please let us know if you are going to be absent or late.
• For each volunteer shift of 6 to 8 hours you should take a half hour lunch break. We also encourage you to take a 15
minute rest break in every 3 ½ - 4 hour shift. The 15 minute breaks are not deducted from your hours.
• Please make sure to clean up after yourselves in our public areas, including the kitchens and the volunteer lounge
• Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
• Free Geek Montréal volunteers are not employees and therefore are not eligible for unemployment benefits, work's
compensation, or wages.

General Health & Safety Policies
Smoking - Smoking is prohibited in the building and within 10 meters of any door, openable window, or vent of
the building. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area outside. This includes e-cigarettes and
Drugs & Alcohol - Illicit drugs are prohibited on Free Geek property. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on
company property during working hours except as specifically authorized by management. You are also
prohibited from working under the influence of any prescription drugs that may impair your ability to work in a
safe and effective manner.
Protective Equipment & Clothing – Eye protection, hearing protection, and gloves may also be required in
designated areas. Free Geek supplies these items if needed.
Footwear - Closed toed shoes are required when working in the warehouse and designated areas..
Accidents, near misses, and first aid - Contractors, truck drivers and visitors are required to report all
accidents, near misses, and first aid incidents to the Front Desk or the Director of Operations.
Guns – Guns are not allowed on Free Geek property except when carried by law enforcement personnel.
Emergency Procedures -To report a fire or emergency, contact any Free Geek employee or dial “0” from any
phone to contact the Front Desk.
Forklift Safety - Be aware and cautious of forklift traffic.
Animals - Only service animals are allowed on Free Geek Montréal property.
Lifting - Please utilize proper lifting techniques.
Keep exits and pathways clear - Safely stack computers, printers, and boxes without blocking aisles, exits,
or safety features.
Handling electronics - Wash hands thoroughly after handling computer components. Don’t bring food or
open beverage containers into the work areas.
Horseplay - Don’t run or engage in horseplay.
Fragrances - There are many folks at Free Geek who are sensitive to scented products, such as perfumes and
colognes. Please respect this by refraining from wearing such products while here.

Safer Space Policy
We strive to make Free Geek Montréal a welcoming, safe and comfortable space for everyone (volunteers, staff, donors, visitors)
and appreciate your best efforts to treat all others with respect and understanding. Thank you for doing your part to
make this a safer learning space for everyone regardless of their background, experience, and abilities. If you see
anyone engaging in any of the below activities, please let a staff member know so we can follow up appropriately. The
following are not acceptable behaviors at Free Geek Montréal:
• Attitudes, jokes, and language that are discriminatory or demeaning on the basis of race, class, gender
identity, sex, age, spoken language, nationality, culture, physical appearance, sexual orientation, or
• Acts or threats of violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion.
• Sexual harassment.
• Theft.

Discipline Procedures
• If a policy is violated, a verbal or written warning may be issued.
• If the verbal or written warning is ignored, the volunteer will be asked to leave for the day.
• Upon review it may be determined that the volunteer can no longer volunteer with Free Geek.
• Free Geek reserves the right to terminate a volunteer position at any time if necessary to ensure the mental and
physical safety of volunteers and staff. This may be temporary or permanent.
Thank you for volunteering at Free Geek! YOU make the difference!

-updated march/01/2018-