Group Volunteering

Group volunteers have a lasting impact in their community

Through Free Geek Mntréal’s group volunteering program, up to 16 co-workers, students, or group members can learn about technology, protect the environment from harmful e-waste, and help enable digital access for everyone in our community.

Whether this is your first time volunteering as a group or you’re seasoned pros, Free Geek Montréal provides a fun and easy way to get involved in your community. We offer both one-time and recurring group events.

Benefits of volunteering at Free Geek Montréal

  • Enable digital access for underserved members of your own community
  • Learn about your fellow group members on a more personal level
  • Bond over a fun and engaging volunteer experience
  • Gain a deeper connection to your community

No computer experience required

You don’t have to be a computer wiz to contribute meaningfully to Free Geek Montréal’s mission. No matter your comfort level or experience with technology, we would love to work with you to create an inclusive digital future.