Join the Free Geek Montréal community

Want to learn how to build computers, save the environment from toxic e-waste, and transform the lives of people in your community? We have a place for you here at Free Geek Montréal!

Free Geek Montréal volunteers are the driving force behind our mission. Our volunteers make a difference by disassembling computers for recycling, sorting equipment from donors, refurbishing computers, and much more.

As a volunteer, you’ll receive:

  • A free desktop computer with warranty after 24 hours of service
  • 20% discount at The Free Geek Montréal Store

Who can volunteer?

We encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, and areas of interest to get involved at Free Geek Montréal.

  • No computer experience is required
  • Our facility is mostly ADA-accessible
  • We are sensitive to and can work with people with different abilities

We only require that volunteers be able to follow instructions and that those under 16 years old are accompanied by an adult who can work alongside them. Whatever your reason for donating your time, we’d love to welcome you to the Free Geek Montréal community.

Interested in bringing a group to volunteer? Please submit a request online. 

What do volunteers do?

At Free Geek Montréal, we are proactive in creating an accepting community that provides meaningful opportunities for all. Volunteers can work in either Recycling or Reuse

Recycling Volunteer Shifts

  1. Recycling Bench: Disassembling desktop systems for recycling.
  2. Recycling Table: Disassembling smaller electronics for recycling.
  3. Sorting Table: Sorting and moving around incoming items.

Reuse Volunteer Shifts

  1. Desktop Shift: Refurbishment and quality control of computers.
  2. Laptop Shift: Refurbishment and quality control of computers.
  3. Mac Shift: With instructor approval, refurbish Mac computers.


To participate in the Reuse Program, all volunteers must complete two prerequisites: 

  1. Attend the Anatomy of a Computer class and complete the assessment.
  2. Volunteer in a Beginner Reuse Workshop (Desktop or Laptop) to learn Free Geek Montréal's method of refurbishment. Volunteers may also fulfill this requirement by attending Laptop Bootcamp.

How to volunteer

  1. Read and agree to follow our General Conduct Guidelines.
  2. Take a 30 minute volunteer orientation tour, offered at appointment. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork.
  3. Schedule up to two shifts at a time during Free Geek Montréal’s open hours.

Requirements to volunteer

  • Individuals under 16 year of age must have an adult with them while volunteering.
  • Individuals who are not legally able to be around children cannot volunteer at Free Geek Montréal.
  • Individuals with restraining orders against them may not be able to volunteer at Free Geek Montréal, depending upon the situation. Please check with a staff member about your situation.
  • Court-ordered community service not related to theft or violent or sexual abuse or drug crime can be done in Free Geek Montréal’s recycling center. Please bring all relevant paperwork and court documents with you for the tour.