IT Consultant

Desktop and Laptop Support

We provide any type of your desktop or Laptop support like, installation, problem solving, hardware problem, Antivirus and many more.

Server Installation & Configuration 

We Install, configure, maintenance, Update, backup and migration of any type of server, Windows server 2008-2016, Exchange Server, Linux Enterprise, DBMS, Storage, etc.

App Development

We develop app for your company on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or IOS

Computer Network

We create the computer network LAN cabling, Wifi and Mobile for your office that share resource and printer.

Network Configuration

We install, configure your Network Device like Switch, Router and firewall, That is VLAN, different type of routing protocol.

Cloud and Virtualisation

We also install, configure and maintenance your cloud and virtual computing

Security Consultant

We provide you the consultant of the information security, cybersecurity, computer security, and IT security